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a GPS enabled app SquaredFare was conceived, designed, and built by Uber drivers, for Uber drivers.

Many Uber drivers keep notes of their daily earnings, and weekly earnings. Rather than cluttering your glove-box with scarp paper, SquaredFare does all of the record keeping for you.

About Squared Fare

December 2014 App Idea is Born

Napkins, log books, and scrap pieces of paper were not cutting it

Drivers were looking for a better way of keeping track of their fares, and their independent businesses. Napkins, log books, and scrap pieces of paper were not cutting it... just too messy and easily misplaced! Drivers were also experiencing Uber network problems that drastically reduced the fares. For instance, not being able to start the trip on time, while in the Hills, or an “as the crow flies” trip” which cut out most of the mileage.

All of these issues, and a few others, led the Inventor to realize that Drivers needed a tool that was truly independent of Uber’s network, and easy enough to use while driving. Thus, the SquaredFare idea was born. The SquaredFare team then spoke to thousands of drivers about their concerns, and their needs. The result of those discussion polished the initial SquaredFare concept to what we have today... the first truly independent third party fare verification app on the market.

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March, 2015Beta Testing

Thousands of trips were logged & thousands of miles driven.

Beta testing started in March, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. Thousands of trips were logged, thousands of miles driven. Testing occurred in all conditions, and all over Los Angeles. In June of 2015, the final version of the app was quietly put on the market, and further real drive testing was done to ensure that every "i" was dotted and every "t" crossed. The app was then launched in July, 2015.

So, do Drivers like it? Here are a few comments that we have received:

  • “I love this app. I have had so many network errors from Uber, and resolving the fare was always a hassle. Now, it is so easy with SquaredFare. So far I have saved over one hundred dollars! I could hug you guys!”
  • “This app rocks. I had a network error, and when I looked at my Uber trip it showed a straight line from Hollywood hills to Marina Del Rey. With the app, I was able to send the SquaredFare calculation, and the issue was resolved in one day, with a full credit to my account!”
  • “Your app is awesome! I was writing all my fares down in a book, all week long. Now, you do it for me.”
  • ”I like having records independent of Uber. I trust SquaredFare. Uber... not so much!”

We see the Drivers love it, but how has Uber responded. Here are a few emails that our early SquaredFare adapters have received:

  • “Hello. I really appreciate your getting in touch with us about this and I greatly commend your effort in making sure that your riders are charged correctly down to the last cent. I adjusted the fare to $70.77 as per your request, to better reflect what the fare should have been. I'm very happy to be assistance to you today[.] Have a pleasant day, and drive safely, okay? Uber On!”
  • ”Thanks for reaching out! The fare has been adjusted to the correct amount of $51.44 as per your request. I also ran the estimate and while it was just a little bit off, I understand the it's not the difference in question but the principle of making sure that we are charging people correctly. I appreciate your getting in touch with us about this, and I thank you for your diligence and how you handled this professionally. If there's anything else that I can help you out with, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to be of further assistance.”
  • I appreciate your dedication here - most people would let a 28 cent difference in a fare go. You didn't. I think that's awesome. That is the kind of attention to detail and passion for the platform that we absolutely want in our partners.”