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SquaredFare Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SquaredFare only available in Los Angeles & San Francisco?

The fare calculations are currently preset for Los Angeles & San Francisco Uber markets, which are based upon Uber’s published fares and platforms. While we are confident that the app is bug free, our limited launch is to ensure that our nationwide launch runs smoothly. We plan on launching nationwide as we grow.

When will SquaredFare be available in other Uber markets?

We anticipate that SquaredFare will be available in the following major metropolitan cities: Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, New York, Boston, and Washington DC later this year.

How do I register for SquaredFare?

Once you download the SquaredFare app, you will have to create your own account. All you have to do is provide your Uber partner email address.

Why do you need my Uber registered email address?

In the event you have an issue to report to Uber, the SquaredFare app needs your valid partner e-mail address so that Uber can communicate directly with you.

How does SquaredFare calculate a trip fare?

SquaredFare makes a calculation based upon Uber’s published fares. When you start the app, it creates both a date and time stamp, and follows your route through GPS in order to calculate your mileage. At the end of the trip, the SquaredFare app calculates the fare. If you notice a discrepancy between SquaredFare and the Uber fare, you just need to type in the Uber fare, touch the fare issue button, select the fare issue that fits the best for your problem, and then save the fare. SquaredFare will do the rest.

What information is sent when I dispute a fare?

The email will contain the following information: date and time of the ride, SquaredFare calculation that shows the difference between Uber's fare calculation and ours, as well as the route that was taken. Here is an example: "Dear Uber: This email refers to a trip started on 04-16-2015 at 10:04 am The pick up location was 1 World Way, Los Angels, CA 90045-5803, and t drop off location was 7458 Vista Del Mar, Plays Del Rey, CA 90293. Please be advised that Uber undercharged the rider. My calculation shows that the fare should have been $41.52 View the route here with the date and time stamp. Please make the adjustments to my account, and send me written confirmation of the adjustment. Thank you.”

What happens if I have an Uber Network Issue or there are multiple stops on a flat fare?

Uber drivers, just like you, designed SquaredFare. We have experienced ALL of the usual problems, including network issues in the Hollywood Hills, riders cancelling the trips in mid ride, multiple stops on a flat fare to or from LAX, etc. SquaredFare is equipped to address all of these issues. No need for you to stop working and type in your issue or problem, SquaredFare does it for you.

Will SquaredFare follow-up with Uber regarding a fare or rider issue?

The SquaredFare app will send an e-mail to Uber with the fare calcuation, date and time stamp, including a map of the route that you took on your ride. However, any other additional correspondence will take place between you and Uber directly.

How many of my trips are saved on the SquaredFare app?

SquaredFare saves all of your recorded trips on your smart phone for up to 90 days. These saved trips include all of the details of each trip, including a map of the route. In addition, SquaredFare saves up to one year of your trips on your web based SquaredFare account.

Can I access all of my information even if I am no longer a driver with Uber?

With the SquaredFare app, you can access your information on your mobile device for your previous trips up to 90 days. In addition, your web based SquaredFare account will remain active for one year regardless of your status as an Uber driver.

Does SquaredFare work while I am using my phone or another app?

Yes, SquaredFare was designed to run parallel to other apps. In other words, you can take incoming calls, make phone calls, run the Uber partner app or even Waze.

What is the best way to use SquaredFare?

Our intensive beta tests have shown that the preferred way of using the SquaredFare app is for the driver to download the app first on your smartphone, and run the app like you would any other third-party application. Rather than downloading the Uber driver app on your personal smartphone, we recommend that you lease a phone from Uber with the pre-installed Uber driver app. This approach has worked with the most efficiency through our beta tests.

Can Uber deactivate me or retaliate against me for using SquaredFare?

We have contacted noted legal experts regarding this issue. We have been advised that as long as Uber classifies drivers as “independent contractors”, Uber cannot deactivate you for using any third party application that helps you keep your records and manage your independent business.

How can SquaredFare help me if I choose not to use the email function to communicate with Uber?

SquaredFare keeps all of your records safe and secure. Even if you chose not to communicate with Uber through SquaredFare, you will have an independent record of your trips that is not subject to reduction or loss in the event of an Uber network problem.

How does SquaredFare calculate the surges?

When you see that a surge is in effect, you can update the fare calculation on the SquaredFare app to match the Uber surge pricing. Once you have updated the price surge, the SquaredFare app will do the rest. In the event that the surge “disappears” or is “adjusted” mid-ride, you may adjust your SquaredFare app to reflect that change.

Does SquaredFare use Uber’s API? If not, then why?

SquaredFare is independent of Uber, and does not use its API for its fare calculations. Rather, it is based upon Uber’s published fares, as well as published tolls and surge pricing. Although, Uber has offered its API to app designers, SquaredFare chooses to be independent, so that your fare calculation it truly an independent third party verification, and not subject to network problems that occasionally occur on Uber devices.

What happens if I forget to start my SquaredFare app, the phone loses power, or a rider cancels a trip after I have waited more than five minutes?

SquaredFare has a “Missed Trips tag on the home page where you can manually type in the Uber fare calculations so that your daily and weekly running totals are accurate. You may also use this function to add the cancelation fee, when a rider is a no show.